Honesty in Marriage

Honesty is an important value in our lives and marriage. Dishonesty can destroy the love and trust in a relationship, completely and irrevocably. Even little lies can lead to a big issue as one lie leads to another and ultimately even the smallest lie can make the partner doubt you forever. All people and it really means everyone, expects complete transparency in any relationship. Even children can see if the parents are lying to each other about anything.

Let us see what happens when a partner lies even about small things. For example, if you lie about the price of some expensive dress that you bought, then you cannot explain the shortfall in the monthly expenditure budget. So either you will try to cover it up with more lies or get caught. Even seemingly harmless lies at times sow the seeds of doubt in the partners’ mind and it does not take time for this tree to grow.

Once you lie, it might be difficult, but if you get away then you might graduate to bigger lies. And one day you will be caught, sooner or later. Do not ever doubt this fact. It will be so difficult to explain that your partner will lose trust in you forever. Once he realizes that you lie to him even for some small mundane things then how can he take your word for anything at all?

A cloud of uneasiness and doubt will always hang over anything that you say to him. If you have children, it may set a bad example. They will see that you hide things from your partner and get away at times. They may also start doing the same and hide things from you.

It undermines the family values. When any of the team members hides things from others in a family the trust is lost. It could be a small matter between partners, about money or may be due to kids but it does widen the gap. There are many things to handle today. Working to earn money, manage the family, bringing up kids and زواج is the most important aspect of all this. A small mistake can cost you too much grief and trouble. Honesty is non-negotiable in a marriage and try to be as truthful as possible to avoid complications.

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