Make Date Night More Stimulating

There are a million ways in which you could make your date night more interesting and exciting for your partner. While some prefer simple scented candles, some others opt for a luxurious and long massage. Both have the potential to hit the right spot and ease your partner into trying new things in bed. However, both these ideas and most other ideas usually employed by couples to stimulate each other are commonplace and clich├ęd.

What could be more stimulating than most of these ideas? Could we talk about butt plugs?

Butt Plugs? Do they feel good?

Before you jump to conclusions about butt plugs being weird and gross, pause for a while and imagine the fun that you could be missing if you decide to give butt plugs a miss. When we have an orgasm, our anal muscles contract involuntarily and the pulsating effects could last up to 15 seconds! While having the orgasm, if you have a butt plug inserted, the nerves will be even more stimulated and your orgasm could be much more intensified.

Are they different from anal penetration?

A lot of you might feel squeamish about the idea of anal sex. The in and out motion is not pleasurable to many. However, with a butt plug, there is no need for the motion. The plug stays in place for as long as you want it to and you can remove it when you feel necessary. Your date night could really do with this exciting sex toy without giving you the awkwardness around anal sex.

There are different types of butt plugs that you could use. Different bodies have different requirements and as long as you are using the right lubricant, it will be a highly pleasurable experience. Love Plugs is a website where you could get more information on the types and usage of butt plugs and a lot more.…

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